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9. Yield Farming

10. Course Overview

8. Chart Indicators

7. Candles & Patterns

6. Technical Analysis

5. DEFI Finance

4. Buy & Sell Crypto

3. Crypto Exchanges

2. Holding Crypto

1. Crypto Intro

SafeMoon Crypto Review

With the sudden burst of Altcoin touching super highs and people gaining as much as 30,000% gains, SafeMoon is one that has been on a lot of peoples minds lately. So let’s find out what the whole hype is behind this coin and what it actually does. The companies slogan ‘Safely to the Moon’ –

TDI Indicator Explained

The Traders Dynamic Index (TDI) indicator was designed by Dean Malone for assessing the market state and finding trade signals. The TDI is a complex indicator as long as it is based on three other popular indicators: the RSI, Moving Average, and Bollinger Bands. The RSI lines are smoothed out by the Moving Averages.

Adding Indicators to TradingView

Short video explaining how to add any indicator to your chart on TradingView. Indicators help you make better decisions when trading.

How to Read Order Books

Understanding order books are a key way to know which way the market will move. The price of any instrument can only move UP or DOWN, using order books we can see who is in control more. Hence this gives us a better understanding of placing buy’s and sells.