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Read Format Forex Technicals

1 General overview 1.1 Why technical analysis : the lack of fundamental analysis 1.2 Technical analysis in order to take a greater account of psychology 1.3 Dow’s analysis and the investors psychology towards announcements 1.4 Contrary opinion 2 Technical analysis basis… 2.1 Horizontal resistances and supports 2.2 Oblique resistances and supports: the basis of trends

Investing vs Trading

Trading is about buying and selling for short-term profit, with a focus on prices. Investing is about buying for long-term gains.

Risk to Reward

Understanding risk to reward is an important aspect to trading.

Understanding GOLD XAU

Trading can GOLD can be very lucrative. Gold is also known as XAU.

Understanding Broker Charges

Different brokers have different charges. This video explains it in detail.

What is Spread Betting

What is a Spread

When you enter a trade on any broker, a spread is applied. This means there is a slight difference between the actual price and the broker price, this is called a spread and this is how the broker makes its money. Watch the video for a more detailed view.

Advantages of Forex

What is Forex

Forex is short for Foreign Exchange. You partake in Forex when you go on holiday and exchange your currency for another. Watch the video to learn more.