Hustle Wave Algorithm ™




Make money like the banks

Simple, effective automated trading system

Hustle Wave Algorithm ™

Our autonomous crypto algorithm system is state of the art. It’s highly maintained by dedicated experts. We’ve combined regulated industry leading trading brokers and systems with our Hustle Wave Algorithm.

This system generates money on a daily basis.Using our proven algorithm we now provide clients with a passive income return on their investment. With client testimonials and stats to hand, we are the first leading automated trading investment company in London.

How it works

Invest and let the algorithm do the rest . . . .

The Hustle Wave Algorithm is a bot, which is maintained every minute, 24 hours around the clock 7 days a week. Our algorithm uses real time analysis, risk management rules, strategies and custom razor edge indicators to ensure it consistently makes money on the crypto market on a daily basis.

Furthermore the bot uses only 33% of equity when placing trades. Out of the 33% the algorithm only uses 2% to place a trade. The bot can trade up to 100 times a day! With our on-going inhouse technical algorithm engineers who have designed and maintain this, Hustle Wave Algorithm has become flawless.

One might call it a money printing machine!



Our on-boarded accounts are required to make use of the secure servers provided by Hustle Hard Group. This ensures that the best preventions against cyber crime have been taken from the source. All 3rd party service providers selected utilize two stage verification processes, encryption, and data protection, again highlighting our commitment to the highest levels of security available for our clients accounts.


It is our aim to identify client requirements, needs and wants, in as much detail as possible. This helps us to provide the best service. Those enquiring about Hustle-Wave services will be directed to the online registration form, via the website. Once completed they will be contacted via Email, in order to confirm an online consultancy call. The call will be conducted by Chris Lee, advisor with Hustle Hard Group Ltd. Chris has had years of experience in advising the public in line with FCA regulated agreements.

Track Your Investment

Daily and weekly reports are generated on your investment.

We understand that staying informed is very important to our clients, so they will receive instant, encrypted, notifications on trade entries that have been opened and closed on the account.

You will also have access to your actual real-time trades the Hustle Wave Algorithm places. This is also closely monitored by us.

**For potential clients who do not meet the minimum account requirement of 5k, there is a pooling option available. This will allow those with a smaller amounts of capital to deposit into the Hustle Hard pool and receive their percentage of monthly profits. Profits would be based on an agreed return of investment per month over a specified period.

Compare the market


ISA Accounts UK 1% to 3%
Fixed Rate Bonds 4% - 8%
Indices Funds 5% - 9% per year

Percentages are based on yearly figures and your investment is locked for a minimum 12 months with these other types of investments

Hustle Wave Algorithm

We offer a minimum 20% annually Minimum term of investment is 6 months Increase your profits yourself Full transparency on your investment FCA compliance governed

Get Started

There must be a signed agreement between Hustle Hard Group Ltd and clients, clearly identifying the terms under which investments will be delivered. Also confirming agreed rate of returns. Also outlining the duration of the agreement between both parties. After the consultation process, which will identify the specific needs of each individual client, a contract will be provided which both parties will be requested to sign.


Hustle Wave Algorithm Win Rate
Profit Accumulator since 2018 94%