Elite Forex Course

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(we run a virtual live session course for those who don’t wish to travel)

If you want to be taught by one of the best forex teams in London ask them to show you profits! We do this and we will happily teach you how we make money. Furthermore once you’re ready you can make money with us at the same time.

This course will teach you all the levels of forex and how to become an independant forex trader. Our mentors and teachers are there to support you all the way to make sure your fully confident.

You will learn the following in this Elite Forex

  • How to trade in financial markets, and how prices are affected by political news and macroeconomic data
  • How charts and technical analysis can be used to predict future market moves
  • How human psychology can sabotage your trading, and how to avoid these common mistakes
  • Specific trading strategies to generate consistent returns from a structured trading process
  • How to create your own robust trading plan (under the guidance of our experts) with disciplined rules to keep you focussed and profitable
  • How to execute your trade plan over a 4-week trading period, maintaining structure and organisation
  • How keeping accurate trading records enables you to analyse your performance and fine-tune your trading strategy to maximise profits

We also have many positions and opportunities for our students once they have completed the course which will enable them to capitalise on making money right away.


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