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SafeMoon Crypto Review

With the sudden burst of Altcoin touching super highs and people gaining as much as 30,000% gains, SafeMoon is one that has been on a lot of peoples minds lately. So let’s find out what the whole hype is behind this coin and what it actually does.

The companies slogan ‘Safely to the Moon’ – a play on the phrase first mooted by WallStreetBets on Reddit in an attempt to hype up the price of Dogecoin. And, while SafeMoon it has big ambitions, its current market value is someway below the $.050 dollar threshold – but has experienced a steady increase in price since its launch.

Its founders have been holding ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions to reassure potential investors of its legitimacy due to the unregulated nature of cryptocurrencies. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, SafeMoon claims it will reward people who buy its token and hold on to it rather than trade – for which there are penalties in place.

It will impose a 10 percent penalty tax fee on sellers and redistribute five percent of this tax to other people who already own the cryptocurrency.

Some experts say this is high risk as SafeMoon’s success relies heavily on more and more people buying the currency to keep the price up. SafeMoon’s Facebook page states: “Remember, getting to the moon takes time and the longer you hold the more tokens you pick up.”. Users can buy SafeMoon by setting up a crypto wallet on the Binance and add Binance (BNB) coins to your MetaMask or TrustWallet account. Refer to our How To tutorials page to see a guide on how to buy SafeMoon.

Visit the official SafeMoon website

We recommend holding a small portion of SafeMoon in your portfolio, the future is very early and they have a huge community supporting their network.


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