Hustle Hard are a team of forex experts, investment brokers and mentors

Our Work

A unique and elite collection of individuals consisting of technical analysis advisors, investment managers, crypto specialists and mentors. Combined we bring you Hustle Hard. A force with the most experienced members offering you razor edge financial advice and investments on the current digital markets such as Forex, Crypto, CFD’s and more.

Our Vision

Founded by a self-made entrepreneur Sunil Singh who lives in London, UK. A technical analysis by trade with years of experience in Forex. A true individual who has made his own personal success in life. Hustle Hard have a diverse range of services tailored to suit our clients. Working on a local and global level, we also offer many private investment opportunities in new tech start-ups, exclusive to our members.

Our Ethic

Today we offer investment advice, manage client portfolios and mentor individuals to gain our customers success at every level of life. Talk to one of our experts for a private consultation on how you can invest.

Trust is in the person. Not words.

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